Rugged and Durable Enclosures With a Smaller Footprint.

When You Need Compact, Mobile, and Budget-Friendly.

The DEM Sports Club Mobile

Is Ready To Roll.

A roomy enclosure that has your budget in mind, the Club Mobile is a favorite for teams that need multiple practice cages at a great price. When you are ready to keep everyone’s eye on the ball, consider the Club Mobile.

A Practice Cage That Offers Function, Durability, and Value.

DEM Sports USA is ready to help drive your game to the next level with our very popular club mobile practice cage. Designed for flexibility and years of punishing practice sessions, our club mobile cage is built with the same durable components of our other cages while keeping the cost within the budget.

Two Awesome Models

We offer our club mobile cages in two standard lengths: a 24′ long model, and a 33′ model to suit your space and sport needs. Each of our  club mobile enclosures is 10′ wide and 11.5′ high, respectively. While this value-oriented mobile enclosure doesn’t fold, each model comes with heavy-duty casters and can be moved easily to your practice area.

Rugged and durable, the galvanized (or optionally powder-coated) steel frame and heavy-duty polypropylene netting are designed to stop whatever might be thrown at them. The club mobile enclosures are ready for use in all conditions, whether your team practices indoors or out.

Please call (727) 400-3848 or use our inquiry form for up-to-date product pricing or shipping lead times.

DEM Sports USA Club Mobile
Club Mobile 33' Practice Cage
Mobile enclosure wheel DEM Sports USA

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