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The Finest Practice Enclosures.

We have been designing and building practice cages for over 15 years. Our passion and dedication to durability and outstanding quality has made us a worldwide supplier to teams and clubs everywhere.

Q: Why choose DEM Sports USA practice enclosures?

A: Because we offer reliable sports cages and unbeatable value.

DEM Sports USA offers big league quality, rugged, and easy-to-store professional grade practice cages for both sports teams and home use.All of our enclosures are of the highest quality, meant for years for professional, institutional, or personal use.

DEM Sports USA is rapidly becoming the go-to supplier of a wide range of high-quality, innovative and often completely unique ground equipment for baseball, softball, and a range of other sports. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our cages were originally designed for cricket and other enclosures soon followed. With worldwide demand, we now stock our products for quick ship at facilities in the USA, Australia, Malaysia, and the Caribbean among others.

The Quality of our enclosures is found in the details. Find out more about our enclosures below or by visiting our product pages, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Practice Cages For Every Sport

Classic Concertina

Whether your team swings, kicks, throws or volleys, our collapsible and rugged concertina cages are ready to take your team to the next level.

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Combi Hybrid

Taking cues from our fixed and Concertina cages, this collapsible 40' enclosure is easily moved by 2 people across any turf. Perfect for batting practice!

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Mobile Club

Easily moveable and ready for rugged use, our smaller cages in 33' and 24' lengths are designed for teams and clubs looking for the best value in sports cages.

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Personal Golf

Who doesn't dream of a personal golf range at home? Our golf units are designed to let you practice like you are at the range but take up minimal space.

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Multi-Use Arena

Designed for playgrounds and institutions, our largest enclosure comes fitted with goals and hoops, with enough space for everyone to join in.

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